KuCoin is one of the top performance crypto exchanges with about 18 million users. You will find many opportunities to earn money on the KuCoin site. KuCoin offers various base coins for successful trading, including USDC and USTC. Also, one of the preferred types of trading is future trading on the KuCoin platform. This article discusses what day trading KuCoin, the best crypto exchange for day trading, is. We will discuss each attribute of this trading method.

Day Trading

This type of trading includes an entrance and exit of a position in a single day. It is also called Intraday trading. The main purpose of this type is to take profit on small positions of coins. Many trades benefit from the crypto market’s volatility via day trading. It is very common to see 10% in the crypto market daily. However, stocks and commodities are unique and do not happen every day. Technical analysis is the main technique traders use in day trading. It would help if you analyzed your risk properly; otherwise, more volatility not only gives you a profit every day.

The Strategy Of Day Trading

It would help if you worked on the right strategy to make money with day trading. One of the techniques, named scalping, is highly popular in the market. In this type, traders take small profits during g increase in trading volume and exit immediately. On the other hand, arbitrage is another strategy to make money in the short term. It includes buying as the set on one platform and then selling it to another.  Let’s say if you buy BTC from KuCoin at 40000 and another exchange show a 40500 price, you can sell it to them and make good money quickly. 

Best Day Trading Platform

Many exchanges exist in a market to support short term and long term traders. However, KuCoin is the only exchange that offers you an advanced feature with a very low fee. In most cases, if you hold their native coin, you will get extra support and zero fees. KuCoin works wonderfully to support every user present on their site. Due to this, many newcomers also love to participate in the KuCoin site for trading purposes. You will get a take profit and stop loss feature in future trading with several other options.


KuCoin offers BTC, ETH, and USTC prices with daily order books on their site. These are one of the most famous coins traders mostly prefer. The number of day traders and scalpers is increasing daily. Due to the high volatility, many people have started taking an interest in day trading compared to long-term trading. A huge number of exchanges are present in the market supporting traders. However, no exchange can compete with the KuCoin platform. Due to the new innovative and beginner-friendly support, every trader’s priority is the KuCoin site. You can experience a limit, market, and leverage option on KuCoin futures. 

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