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personal selling, unlike other promotional mix elements, is independent of the internet.

This sounds like a good thing, but it isn’t. Personal selling isn’t an online marketing tool, it is an offline marketing tool, albeit one that most people don’t know about. It is the only way to really reach your targets in a direct manner. When you use personal selling, you want to be as clear as you can be about the details you are selling and how you are doing that.

Personal selling is a very simple concept. It involves taking a product (say, a car) and giving it away to someone who doesnt know anything about it or wouldnt know that it was a car if it wasnt for the internet. A business does the same thing. You show the car to someone and they can then make a decision as to whether they like it or not. The best selling cars in America are made by people who are buying them for personal use, not for a business.

It is the same thing in all cases. People have to know how to sell. You know who you are selling to. People are buying them for themselves, not for a business. If you have a business that is doing this, you have to be able to sell them for their own use. People have to understand that it is only for their own use, not their business, and the company should be able to sell for their own use.

It’s like an old-school, if not a slightly archaic, business adage. People still say, “If you don’t sell, you don’t get paid.” It’s not the same thing. I am not saying that you have to sell, but you do have to sell in order to get paid.


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