Why You’re Failing at dog eating banana peel

This video was my first when I joined my first YouTube channel. This video reminded me how I started my YouTube channel; I was about five or six. I’ve been on YouTube for a few years now and I’ve made a pretty impressive amount of videos. I’ve been able to make a pretty decent amount of money from my videos, but I’m just as amazed as anyone else the time I spend in my room playing video games or doing this.

Ive been playing a lot of games lately, but Ive been especially excited to find out that the title of my latest video is “dog eating banana peel.” The video was directed by a friend of mine, and he told me its because I ate the very last bite of a banana peel I had.

I don’t know if the video is very funny or not, but the fact that it has an actual name and an actual point in the video game industry makes it all the more hilarious.

It’s not funny, though, is it? I mean, it’s just bananas. I think it’s hilarious.

When we first heard about the video, we were pretty excited. The fact that we now know its a joke is just a tiny bit more embarrassing. Oh well. Whatever.

I think the gag on the video was pretty hilarious. I mean, the most obvious joke is that the dog is eating a banana peel. The real joke is that it turns out that the banana peel is actually a dog eating a banana. We think the dog is actually a very important character in the game, since he’s also the only one who can get around the island without being spotted.

I think the banana peel gag is pretty funny. I mean, even after the video went viral, it still seems pretty silly and obvious that a dog could eat a banana peel. I mean, it’s a banana. A banana is clearly a fruit. The only thing missing is an actual banana peel. I can’t help but think that the banana peel gag is slightly more hilarious than the video itself since the video is pretty obvious and obvious.

Yeah, the banana was obviously a ridiculous thing to eat. And maybe its not that funny and obvious after all. But its kind of funny. The video was pretty clear as to what happened, and even though the gag is pretty silly, it doesn’t actually mean anything. In my opinion, its just a joke. But still funny.

I personally dont give a rat’s ass about the banana. You can always save the banana for something else. The real joke is the dog eating the banana. Which is very funny but also pretty disgusting.

That is one of those funny situations that we don’t really understand the psychology of. Sure, the banana probably tasted OK when it was still fresh, but when it turns out that it’s not actually edible anymore, we still can’t help but wonder if it was a stupid, idiotic thing to do. I mean, it’s a banana, it’s not going to die, but some people might have been eating it to get rid of fat.

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