20 Trailblazers Leading the Way in can cats eat greek yogurt

Can cats eat Greek yogurt? That’s an easy one. It is a common misconception that cats can’t eat yogurt. While you may think that because cats have no teeth or digestive system they can’t eat yogurt, you will be surprised. I have had cats who have eaten yogurt and have had no issues. Although cats can’t eat yogurt in its raw form, they do have a taste for yogurt.

In the clip above you can see that cats have a taste for Greek yogurt, and apparently eat it to great effect. I have been told by cats that they like to eat the yogurt like the one shown, which is the most common form of Greek yogurt. This has been confirmed by my cat who has told me that he loves it and often asks for more. My other cat has even told me that if I would like to give her a yogurt treat, she will bring me a Greek yogurt.

This is not a big surprise as cats love to eat yogurt. That said, if cats eat all you have in your refrigerator, it’s probably because they ate it for breakfast.

The real reason cats eat Greek yogurt is to get all the good probiotics in it. However, a recent study found that cats can also eat yogurt. This is because they eat an enzyme that breaks down the probiotics. This is likely why they like Greek yogurt. When cats eat yogurt, they actually get more milk protein than when they eat milk.

If cats are eating yogurt, that means they’re getting probiotics. That’s great for us and for their health. Cats actually get more protein than they do calories because they don’t get all the vitamins and minerals in milk. That’s why cats are so awesome.

If cats are eating yogurt, that would explain why they eat yogurt.

I’ve been told by friends that cats actually prefer yogurt over milk. A cat would have to eat tons of dairy to become satisfied with milk. However, there is a possibility that this is just a myth.

Theres no evidence that cats actually prefer yogurt over milk. The only other evidence is that cats have been known to eat milk without any trouble, so I think we should stop feeding cats yogurt. If they like it at all, they probably just want more milk.

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